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Book Review: Meant For Heaven

Scripture - Familes Are Forever

When RB and I were first married, we lived in a small townhouse in Provo, Utah.  Looking back, the place was a dream come true. It had a pretty blue door with a brass handle and matching kick plate. White popcorn trees bloomed every Spring in a line down our street. We had a great covered parking spot. And best of all we had a great church ward.

Although we frequently attended church, during our college years we didn’t participate much in extra ward activities. It wasn’t until much later that I got my calling as a primary teacher. So between, full-time school, work, and sitting in the back of the cultural hall during sacrament meeting, we didn’t know a lot of people in our great ward. And that is why I never met the Youngs or their daughter Holland in person.

I do, however, remember vividly the day when I found out she had passed away.

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7 In Cookies

M&M Cookies

M&M cookies are colorful, fun, and extremely easy. The best part of these cookies is that they can be done in one bowl and mixed by hand.

M&M Cookies are so colorful and fun. They’re perfect for birthday parties, giving as gifts, or just making for the heck of it. These particular M&M cookies are soft and chewy. They can stand on their own, but are perfect for dunking in a tall glass of milk or hugging either side of a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. The best part of these cookies is that they can be done in one bowl and mixed by hand.

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7 In Cake/ Easter/ Spring

Carrot Cake and a Special Easter Message

Classic Carrot Cake

When many think of Easter, they think of bunnies, baby chicks, candy, and chocolate. I am no different. Every year I make this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. (And when I say every year, I mean starting from last year). It’s three layers of soft, decadent cake separated by luscious cream cheese frosting. It’s gently spiced, with some lemon in the frosting to cut the sweetness. It’s received rave reviews from everyone I’ve ever served it to. However, little ducks, rabbits, and eggs are definitely not all I think about at Easter…

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